There are only two more Tent City planning meetings before the big show. Things are coming together and we’re set to have a fantastic year! What we need to focus on now is getting people to register (and raise money) for the Walk to End Veteran Homelessness. The Walk kicks off Tent City every year,

Tent City and the Walk to End Veteran Homelessness are less than 7 weeks – 45 days – away (but who’s counting?)! Registration for the walk and the volunteer signup are officially OPEN TODAY! Walk to End Veteran Homelessness This year, singer John Mellencamp will return to Tent City as Honorary Mayor. He will kick

This is BIG NEWS – with more to come on Monday! … Before his 2007 concert in Toledo, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer John Mellencamp made a chance visit to the Tent City – Project Connect event downtown and was impressed with how “the community comes together to give compassion to those who need

“But I Am So Hungry”

Monday, 21 March 2016 by

What do you do when hunger and inequality are staring you in the face? The Third World Family Feast, hosted and presented by students at St. Ursula Academy, presented that dilemma to guests last week. The interactive dinner was designed to make people uncomfortable and get them talking about world hunger. It was a huge

What are you doing for dinner on March 16? How about a feast for the entire family? The second annual St. Ursula Academy Third World Family Feast will be held at St. Ursula starting at 6 p.m. This enlightening interactive dinner is a social experiment to raise awareness and start a dialogue this Lenten season