Updates for Everyone

Friday, 08 February 2008 by

First Quick preface, sorry for the delay in posting.  First that bug knocked me down for the count, which then meant trying to catch back up.  Onward! Housing First!  Everything is pointing to the Housing First (HF) model as the most successful in helping t he homeless nationwide.  Housing First is an alternative to the current system of emergency

Next Steps…. It has been crazy busy.  1Mentors is close to activation.  Mandy is doing site visits and needs assessments of the individual shelters.  The “job descriptions” are nearly done as well. On the medical side, I met with Richard Langford with Mildred Bayer today to work out the details.  We are creating a new model for

Ready, Willing & ABLE

Saturday, 26 January 2008 by

Ready  When I was on the TLC Board and told them about the Saturday morning meetings we wanted to have as a result of the Mayors lunch for the homeless, they said they weren’t “ready”.  That we shouldn’t move that fast until we have structure in place, and that can be part of the plan next year.  In fact they

1Mentors & What’s Up Doc?

Thursday, 24 January 2008 by

1Mentors The 1Mentors program is taking great shape already.  You know that when things very easily fall together that it is something that is meant to be.  Such is the 1Mentors program! Here is where we are at:   We are starting with a core group of shelters and we will have regular times for the meetings, like every other

Now THAT’S what we are talking about!

Monday, 21 January 2008 by

“Keeping it Real” When we had the meeting with the 100+ homeless friends two weeks ago, they liked that we were keeping it real.  While we were there we made a commitment to get action, to get stuff done, and report back to them quarterly.  This is our accountability to them.   At that meeting we