Latest Update: Expansions, Board Update

Monday, 13 January 2014 by

We have been sooooo busy housing Veterans and planning for 2014, we have had little time to post.  Below is the update that just went out to our Houston Area of Operation, as well as one that went to all of our registered VA social workers.  Here is the latest! Hey All, 5 more housed

Meet Some of Those You Have Helped

Tuesday, 31 December 2013 by

Stories of those YOU have helped this year. Happy New Year! What an incredible year of service and advocacy for 1Matters, as well as our national Veterans Matter program.  Rather than recant the numbers, we instead share some of the stories your support has allowed us to be a part of. These are YOUR wins.

Hi All, As many of you know, Tent City is this weekend. We have been working furiously sorting all of everyone’s generous clothing donations! We live in the most generous community I have ever witnessed!! However , we have a couple of gaps. We are very short on gloves, hats and scarves and as always

“The whole world could tell your sad It just says so in your eyes Sorry that you feel so bad But I think you’ll be alright You’ve got many friends here, To be by your side We’re all here to help you” “Oh, oh, home again Aren’t you glad to be home again? Oh, oh,

We Can Turn It Around

Saturday, 05 October 2013 by

A couple years ago Amanda Moore wrote this wonderful piece, which Crystal recorded during the St. Paul’s shoot.