Want to Meet Justin Bieber, ZZ Top, or Carrie Underwood? See The Who? Get a Signed Katy Perry?

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Meet your favorite artists!You can, and there are two ways.

But first, let us set the real priority. We are so blessed with the support of so many on the local and national scale. We believe it is because even in these tough times people have “life” happen to them in a way that messes up their world. We all believe it is dead wrong for children to be sleeping in cars, on the streets, or in the shelters. We all believe it is dead wrong that there are over 60,000 unhoused veterans abandoned on the streets of our nation. We also believe we have an obligation as artists, as humans, to give back. Our job is to simply give people the opportunity care so those called to this cause can join us. As the list of artists and others in the music industry supporting our cause gets longer, please remember their ONLY reason is for you to hear about this opportunity to help those families, individuals, veterans and children get off the streets and back into housing.  

Now… here are those opportunities:

1) The 1Mile Matters prize pool now consists of four packages of 2 tickets and meet-n-greet each for Justin Bieber, ZZ Top, and Carrie Underwood, as well as 2 tickets to The Who’s performance of Quadrophenia. All performances are in November. The top donor/fundraiser for the 1Mile Matters walk will get first pick; 2nd place gets second pick, etc. Deadline will be for all funds collected by noon on Monday, October 29th. Winners will be contacted by Wednesday, October 31st.

2) The Harry Sandler Silent Auction at 20 North Gallery. Like last year it runs during the month of October. The deadline is for bids placed by 4 pm on October 24th. What will be different this year is the registered bidders will be able to place their bids via email. Two ways to register: If you are in town, visit 20th North Gallery at 18 North St. Clair. (If you are from out of town, contact 1Matters for details to register.) Auction items include: A Sandler original image signed by Katy Perry, taken last June at Wembley Stadium, London, England; 2 tickets and meet-n-greet for Justin Bieber; 2 tickets and meet-n-greet for ZZ Top, and 2 tickets and meet-n-greet for Carrie Underwood; 2 tickets to The Who’s performance of Quadrophenia. All performances occur in November. We will occasionally update bids here or on our Facebook page.

We want to thank those who are making this opportunity possible. We would like to thank our board members Bob Merlis and Harry Sandler, along with AEG Live, and of course, the generous artists. Thank you for giving us the ability to matter to more people who matter!