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See What I Mean….

The 1Matters, 1 at a time focus we take has been very successful for those wanting to make it out of the streets.

In fact this past week Dr. Lloyd Jacobs’ university address talked about a “student-centered” institution of higher learning. 1 at a time. See what I mean?

I believe the “warehouse” approach we have been taking has proven itself in most part as an ineffective means of service, much less saving lives.

Look at our schools. How many of those children matter? Right, all of them. So go do something for the almost 30,000 students. Can’t? Ok, how about if you do something for 1 student. 1 at a time! 1Matters. Be 1 that Matters to 1 that Matters.

That is the beauty of Refer7, it can customize all of the available services to 1 person’s needs. 1Matters. This is a smooth transition to….

The TAAEH Meeting

TAAEH stands for the Toledo Area Alliance to End Homelessness. This is a group of homeless service providers that meets monthly to discuss various issues relating to homelessness. For the most part, this is a pretty good group of dedicated people.

At the meeting last Friday there were two presentations, 1 for the current HMIS presented by Carlin Abbott, and the Refer7 presentation by Jeanette and Maricela with 211.

Carlin started by saying he had left his car running in the parking lot because he had car troubles, but “rest assured, I have my valet key right here.” Humor is good to start a presentation, even if he wasn’t kidding.

He said he was working with the TAAEH universal intake form committee to make the Bowman system the universal intake form. He passed out a draft of that form, it simply contained all the available data fields in the current Bowman system such as name, gender, age, race, etc. Bowman he said can be updated and customized. Carlin promised an update to Version 4.04 sometime in the future, and that training will take place sometime.

Then Jeanette and Maricela demonstrated Refer7 and 211 online. You could literally hear ooooh’s and ahhhhh’s to that system. They said they have regular trainings, they will come to you, or you can come to them. This is what a systems manager does. Because Refer7 is so customizable it can do everything the current Bowman system does including the HUD required documentation for HMIS.

But the TLC board thinks it is better to have two systems. Not sure why.

But I do know this, when we started this campaign last November we wanted HMIS to be expanded to serve the needs of the homeless. TLC refused to even consider it. Now at a 1Matters meeting we came up with a way to use an existing system to accomplish more than we ever imagined. But rather than make the job of the agencies easier, TLC instead wants to expand the HMIS system.

I have learned long ago that you can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped. In fact in Dan Rogers Rescue Class he condenses it to “You can’t want it more than they do.” If the agencies want to enter redundant data in a redundant, otherwise useless system, why would I want this more than they do? Go for it.

They can do whatever they want. We got our victory with Refer7, a system that will help every agency, every case manager, and more importantly every homeless person find out what is available, and where to access it. Wow!

TLC Board

Last Tuesday I emailed the chair, Louis Escobar (and left a voicemail), vice chair Jane Moore, and acting director Deb Conklin about my honor of joining the board. Heard nothing back.

Separately I emailed Deb and olive branch offering to meet for lunch. Her reply was “I’ll get back to you.”

In an article about the formation of the TLC that Tom Troy wrote for the Toledo Blade in January 2004:

Ken Leslie, a longtime homeless advocate who is on the task force, said an authority has a lot of potential to give a voice to the homeless groups and coordinate services. Still, he said, providers are “wary.”

“I think everybody will be concerned with who has that power, and will they use it to further the cause of the homeless or political agendas,” Mr. Leslie said.

Think we are focusing now on furthering the cause, actually the solutions, 1 at a time.

Which is a smooth transition to…..


Separately we got an email from Richard Langford, chair of TAAEH, also a TLC board member and a co-director of Tent City, notifying us both TAAEH and TLC wish to again present TC. TAAEH will again cover the facility expense and TLC will cover TC under a rider on their insurance policy. Thank you both. This is coming together for those we serve. Awesome.

At the Tent City meeting Clement Cybulski presented the brilliant idea of giving away a home to a homeless family to kick off Tent City this year. (October 31st – November 2nd.) Richard Langford is helping to push that forward.

We are thinking the perfect vehicle will be for our 1Works program to get a home done before Tent City. It is so powerful that the homeless will be building this home for the homeless. So powerful.

You can tell something is God’s project when everything comes together so effortlessly.

TAAEH New Events

At the end of the TAAEH meeting they did a pretty cool thing going around the room sharing their upcoming events. There is a lot going on where you can help. We will be hosting here a regular section of upcoming events and fundraisers to support the homeless. For now….

April 12th – Cordelia Martin 10th Anniversary Celebration, 430 Nebraska, 10 am to 2 pm. (259.4505)

April 16th – Fair Housing Center April Luncheon To commemorate 40 years of the Fair Housing Act. (243.6163)

April 17th – Cherry Street Mission Annual Spring Banquet,  Gladieux Meadows, 6:30-8:30 pm.

April 25th – Family House “Dancing for the Homeless”. Stranahan Great Hall 8 pm to midnight. (242.5505)

April 23rd – Tent City Planning Meeting, Red Cross Headquarters, 3100 w. Central Ave.  7pm.

April 27th – Beachhouse “Share, Care, Spare” Ducat Imperial Lanes 1 pm – 4pm. (241.9277)

May 1st – Helping Hands of St. Louis “No Getaway Benefit” (691.0613) Details coming

May 10th – Harbor House Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon Hilton Toledo Noon to 3 pm. (244.6300)

May 15th – “1 Night to Matter” Comedy Benefit, Connxtions Comedy Club, 8pm. 

October 31st to November 2nd – Tent City 2008