With dignity first, to return individuals and families with children to domestic autonomy.


By leveraging compassion through collaboration, individuals and families with children are returning to domestic autonomy with dignity, 1 at a time. It’s how we do things. Founded by someone who is formerly unhoused, we value hard work; we know it’s the only way any 1 can change their circumstances. We also value 1-on-1 relationships that break down stereotypes and build community. We start and fund events and programs like Tent City, Veterans Matter, Toledo Streets, Project Connect and more. Join us – YOU MATTER!

Thank you for your support of Tent City 2017 - 863 people and 400+ volunteers all mattered this weekend.

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Watch this video for an overview of Tent City:

We know people will die if we don’t, so we just do. And if by being there you get to know the name of the person who will not die, your work becomes so much more urgent.” – Ken